Symposium: What is Love? Romance Fiction in the Digital Age

On Wednesday, February 11th, I will be attending a day long symposium at the Library of Congress on romance fiction. The event, What is Love? Romance Fiction in the Digital Age, is sponsored by the Center for the Book, Harlequin, the Popular Romance Project, the Nora Roberts Foundation, the Romance Writers of America, and Berkley/NAL.

The press release on the symposium states: “Romance fiction is the second-best-selling genre in the publishing industry, generating more than $1 billion in publisher revenues in 2013, according to Bookstats. Romance accounts for 21 percent of the adult fiction market…The conference will speak to the business and social aspects of romance writing, romance literature scholarship and public engagement with people who love the genre.

The agenda lists panels on the romance canon, the history and science of love, the romance community, and the romance genre in the digital era. While these panels include many authors, publishers, and editors, there are also a number of academics listed so I’m looking forward to a variety of opinions and some interesting discussion.

I will post a write up about the event late next week.

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