Travel Reading

Given that we’re smack dab in the middle of vacation season, I’ve been having a lot of conversations about reading while traveling. Long flights or train rides, lazy days on the beach or stuck in a hotel room during a storm, no work responsibilities demanding your attention – all this makes for perfect reading time.

But how do you decide what to read? Do you pack paper books or read e-books? To be honest, I got a Kindle solely for reading while I travel. I do use it other times but I am a paper book lover at heart so I tend to use that format when I’m home.

However, after being stuck at Heathrow airport for nearly eleven hours when I was bumped from a flight and having only one paperback with me, the value of e-books and e-readers quickly became apparent! Now, I still might pack a paperback or two but mostly I read on my Kindle during trips. I will admit that I sometimes check out e-books from the library that I already own in paper format if that is what I’m really wanting to read.

What format do you read when you travel? Do you download library books to read on your device or splurge on buying vacation reads?

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