Discovering New Authors

One of my favorite feelings is the one I get when I discover a new to me author. For the most voracious readers, discovering authors they haven’t tried is harder than you might think. Part of that is the sheer volume of reading but another part is the overwhelming number of books being put out every day. How can you find books and authors you will love without wasting tons of time and money? Below are the ways I find new authors. Do I ever get a dud? Sure. But far more often I find an author for my auto-buy list.

  • Friends – My number one way of finding new authors to read is asking my reader friends. I’ve received fabulous recommendations from a wide variety of readers and loved a lot of the authors they pointed me to.
  • Blogs – There are tons of book blogs that cover every genre and subgenre. Some are fairly broad but some are very specific and each blogger has their own standards for their reviews and recommendations so be sure to read their About pages.
  • Social mediaGoodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media outlets are great ways to find new authors. In fact, I’ve found several new authors because they advertised on Facebook or Goodreads and the ad showed up on my feed. Follow authors, bloggers, editors, and publishers for the latest news and book releases.
  • Libraries – Libraries are not great for discovering self-published authors but if you’ve ever wanted to read an older best seller or try out a previously published series by a big name, libraries are the place to go and the price can’t be beat.

What are your go to ways to find new authors to read?

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