More from NPR’s Summer of Love

NPR really is having a summer of love – love of the romance genre! On top of what I posted about NPR’s coverage of romance previously, June saw three additional romance pieces on NPR Books.

In mid-June, the fantastic Bobbi Dumas wrote an NPR Books post on historical romance. It focused on the role of Napoleon and the Battle of Waterloo as background for Regency romances. It’s a great piece that points out the research detail needed for a historical romance to read “true”. It seemed a fitting way to immortalize the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s death.

On June 20th, NPR introduced the experts who will be determining the list of 100 romance novels mentioned in my earlier post. Some great folks are on here, including Bobbi Dumas and Sarah Wendell.

At the end of June, NPR Books featured a piece by Lynn Neary on the different types of romance heroes. The piece discusses the alpha hero, the beta hero, and whether Heathcliff really was a romance hero. It’s a fun foray into romance and shows that there is something for everyone in the genre.

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