Binge Reading

Discussion is rampant these days about binge watching television shows. But what about binge reading? Do you do it? I have to admit that I do!

But it means something different at different times. Sure, sometimes I read a whole series back to back. But other times I just read a specific genre for a month. My friend Justen recommended the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, which was on book five at the time, and I read the whole thing in a week. Prior to that, I spent six weeks reading every mystery I could get my hands on. Another time, it was nothing but romantic suspense.

My most recent binge read – Gena Showalter. I got so far behind on her Lords of the Underworld and Angels of the Dark series while I was in graduate school! Given that it is Read a Romance Month, I read The Darkest Craving, The Darkest Touch, Wicked Nights, Beauty Awakened, and Burning Dawn so I’m all caught up on those two series now.

I bet I’m not alone in this reading habit. Of course, I realize that some people only read one genre or subgenre, like historical romance, but for those with very broad reading habits, how many of you go on genre or author reading binges?

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