Librarian Essays for Read a Romance Month

Last Friday was Read a Romance Month Librarian Day and featured three essays by three wonderful librarians – Monique Flasch, Christyna Hunter, and Wendy the Super Librarian. All three are absolutely worth reading but I wanted to pull out a couple of quotes from Wendy’s essay that I think really capture the spirit of romance and of Read a Romance Month.

Wendy says, “Fiction, specifically genre fiction, tends to get a bad rap among intellectual circles.  The word “escapism” is a dirty word uttered with a sneer.  The writing is denigrated as trite and awful, even when it’s not.” Later, she states, “I think what makes romance so universally appealing to all stripes of readers is the emotion. I’d argue that all fiction should make the reader feel something, but romance is romance.  It’s a genre built on the foundation of emotion.”

I do highly recommend reading all three essays as they all make wonderful and valid points about reading and romance.

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