2016 Reading Challenge

It’s a day early but for my New Year’s Resolution this year, I’m stealing an idea from Wendy the Super Librarian – who is awesome! – to read more books from my TBR list each month. Take a look at Wendy’s challenge here if you are interested. Mine is going to be a little different in that I will read a book from each of my categories or genres every month and I will then post a quick write up here at the end of the month on the books I chose to read.

Why am I doing this? Well, my TBR list is ridiculously long and there are some very awesome books on it that I really do want to read. The problem with being an editor and librarian is that I have new books coming in all the time. It is super easy to get distracted by the new and forget to read the ones patiently waiting on my shelves at home or on my Kindle, as the case may be. So this is really my way of reminding myself to take a look at the books I wanted to read six months or a year or two ago instead of only looking at the new ones coming in each week.

What will I be reading for this challenge? It will probably be a little Wild West in terms of individual book choices. But I will definitely be reading a mystery, romance, fantasy, and nonfiction book each month.

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