RT 2016 Recap from Around the Web

As I mentioned last week, while I didn’t attend RT this year, I gathered blog posts and other information from attendees for a recap of the conference.

The official site has a lot of photos, write ups on specific events, and a link to the Twitter feed along with the agendas for the various conference tracks/days.

Smart Bitches Trashy Books put up a short but photo heavy debrief of RT in Vegas and will have a podcast up in the near future.

The Twitter hashtag is worth a look as well. Lots of photos and live tweets from various panels and events from a wide variety of perspectives.

Meljean Brook posted a copy of the handout she made for the Making Your Serial a Killer panel. It’s a humorous portrayal of some great advice for those who want to publish as a serial.

That’s all for now. If I see enough posts and recaps from other authors, editors, and readers as people settle back into their regular lives, I’ll do another recap post in a few weeks.

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