Secret Libraries

Library of Congress Jefferson Building
Library of Congress Jefferson Building – not a secret library!

Last year, BBC Culture highlighted secret libraries around the world. The libraries had been hidden or restricted for various reasons – religion, politics, or just plain forgetfulness. This piece highlights a few of these libraries in different countries. I’d love to visit some of these!

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Bouchercon Redux

I’m nearly two months late with this post but I did want to give everyone a chance to read about Bouchercon. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I’m going to link to a bunch of posts from others who attended and posted immediately following the conference.

Christine DeSmet for Wisconsin RWA

Annette Dashofy for Club Hen House

Lisa Alber at Inkspot

Lesa’s Book Critiques

J. Kingston Pierce for Kirkus

Barb Goffman at SleuthSayers

This is certainly not a comprehensive list of posts about the conference but these should give a pretty good overview of the conference from a number of points of view.

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I am heading to New Orleans to combine a holiday with attendance at my first Bouchercon – an annual mystery book conference – next week. There are a lot of great authors in the lineup and too many sessions to attend everything I’d like but I’ll do my best and post a recap once I’m back home. However, this means the blog will be silent for the next couple of weeks as I’m traveling and soaking up the atmosphere of both NOLA and a great book conference!

Never heard of Bouchercon? Read about the conference and see the program for this year here.

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RT 2016 Recap from Around the Web

As I mentioned last week, while I didn’t attend RT this year, I gathered blog posts and other information from attendees for a recap of the conference.

The official site has a lot of photos, write ups on specific events, and a link to the Twitter feed along with the agendas for the various conference tracks/days.

Smart Bitches Trashy Books put up a short but photo heavy debrief of RT in Vegas and will have a podcast up in the near future.

The Twitter hashtag is worth a look as well. Lots of photos and live tweets from various panels and events from a wide variety of perspectives.

Meljean Brook posted a copy of the handout she made for the Making Your Serial a Killer panel. It’s a humorous portrayal of some great advice for those who want to publish as a serial.

That’s all for now. If I see enough posts and recaps from other authors, editors, and readers as people settle back into their regular lives, I’ll do another recap post in a few weeks.

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Conferences – RT 2016

As many romance readers and writers know, RT 2016 is currently taking place in Vegas. It’s early this year – it’s usually in May – and for the first time in five years, I am not at the conference. It’s disappointing to miss what has become a wonderful reunion of friends, a giant book and industry talk-fest, and an all around good time and I am quite sad to not be there. However, I am living vicariously through social media – and you can, too!

Some photos from past RT conventions.

On Twitter, follow #RT16 to see tweets and photos from many authors, bloggers, and readers. On Facebook, many authors and bloggers are posting photos and tidbits from the sessions so check to see if your favorite author is and be sure to check their page regularly this week.

I will post a follow up with links to blogs and other write ups on the conference once it is over. Several authors and bloggers do post-conference round ups on the sessions they attended and what they learned and I have often learned as much from those as from the sessions I was actually able to attend at past conferences.

This year, I will be attending Bouchercon in September instead of RT. Why? Well, I’ve never attended a mystery genre conference and I’d like to see what is different between that and a romance conference. Also, I only get enough time off work to go to one conference so I had to make the choice. Finally, while I’m sure Vegas is a great destination, it is incredibly difficult for me to get to so it just wasn’t an option.

Happy conference to all the RT attendees!

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Travel Reading

Given that we’re smack dab in the middle of vacation season, I’ve been having a lot of conversations about reading while traveling. Long flights or train rides, lazy days on the beach or stuck in a hotel room during a storm, no work responsibilities demanding your attention – all this makes for perfect reading time.

But how do you decide what to read? Do you pack paper books or read e-books? To be honest, I got a Kindle solely for reading while I travel. I do use it other times but I am a paper book lover at heart so I tend to use that format when I’m home.

However, after being stuck at Heathrow airport for nearly eleven hours when I was bumped from a flight and having only one paperback with me, the value of e-books and e-readers quickly became apparent! Now, I still might pack a paperback or two but mostly I read on my Kindle during trips. I will admit that I sometimes check out e-books from the library that I already own in paper format if that is what I’m really wanting to read.

What format do you read when you travel? Do you download library books to read on your device or splurge on buying vacation reads?

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